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Centrifugal pumps

Cascade pump


Axial flow fans

Submersible Deep Well Pumps

Stainless Waste Water Pumps & Stainless Sewage Pumps

Sewage Pumps and Heavy Duty Sewage Pumps

Pressure Ventilation Fans

Direct Acting Type Turbo Fans

Horizontal Multistage Centrifugal Pumps

Domestic Booster

Filtration Equipment

About Us

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About Us

Teral Malaysia was incorporated in July 2012 for the expansion of our market in SE Asia. The strategic location of this operation will bring new possibilities for our business to grow with getting closer with our customers, and also we open up new possibilities of Malaysia.


Introduction of the group brand will increase synergy effects among the group companies. On this premise, we will improve and expand our product range and technologies, while aiming to provide more refined services.

‭‭‭‭Teral Kyokuto Inc

Teral Kyokuto Inc. celebrates its 90th year in business in 2008. Many companies have joined the Teral group since the establishment of our business, including Taku Electric Corp., Kurita Electric Works Ltd., and Shinto Co., Ltd., and the number of employees has expanded to more than 1,400 in the entire group.