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Cascade Pump

  • Self-priming cast iron, direct; KSP Type
  • High-pressure two stage cast iron, direct; KH Type
  • Self-priming stainless steel, direct; KSPS Type

Oil Pumps

  • Gear, direct; GPL II, GPM II Type
  • Gear type, belt driven; GV Type
  • Self-priming, direct; OKS Type

Submersible Pumps

Our varied lineup responds to a range of needs from heavy industry to household use.

Fresh Water Submersible Pumps

  • Stainless steel, deep well submersible pumps; MSUS Type
  • Cast iron, deep well submersible pumps; MSU Type
  • Pump unit, deep well submersible pumps
  • Stainless steel; SSTM Type

Fresh Water Submersible Pumps (cont)

  • Cast iron, lower suction pump; STM Series (TU) Type
  • Cast iron, medium suction pump which can be installed horizontally; SSTM Series T Type
  • Axial flow pump; SAM Series
  • Diagonal flow pump; SPM Series

Sewage Submersible

  • Resin small semi-vortex, sewage and gray water; PL, PV Type
  • Titanium, sewage and seawater; TPV Type
  • Cast iron non-clog pumps with clutter, sewage, gray water and waste; BO, KO Type
  • Stainless steel bladeless impeller, chemical, gray water and waste; BOS Type
  • Stainless steel with cutter, chemical sewage, gray water and waste; KOS Type
  • Rubber, cleaning water, floor water, and standing water; LG2 Type

Industrial Pumps

Solid reliability and ease of maintenance are musts for units of machinery. These highly distinctive products respond to the needs of a wide variety of workplaces.

Coolant Pumps

  • Compact immersion; VKP Type
  • Compact multistage immersion; LHW, VKA Type
  • Compact multistage immersion with stainless steel liquid contact parts; VKC Type
  • High flow immersion; LFO Type
  • High flow multi-stage immersion; LPW Type
  • High-head multi-stage immersion; LVS Type
  • Contact self-priming: VKN Type
  • High flow multi-stage self priming: LPS Type
  • For tank interior cleaning; SKM Type

Internal Gear Pumps

  • Low flow low pressure pump; TRP-A Type
  • Pump with electric motor; TRP-MHC Type
  • Low flow, low pressure pump; TRP-MS Type

Household Pumps

Household pumps used in houses and housing complexes. We offer ideas for pressure pumps, deep well pumps,submersible pumps, etc. that are tailored to installation sites and conditions of use.

Household Pumps

  • For home usage
  • Pressure boosting
  • Provide Strong & Constant Pressure
  • Car Washing
  • Home Garden Irrigation
  • Inverter Control - Energy saving
  • Single phase power supply
  • Easy installation

Water Supply Pumps

Powerful, yet designed to save space and energy.High-performance pumps with excellent durability and workmanship support safety in daily life.