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Above-ground Water Supply Pumps

  • Universal, estimated terminal pressure constant control; NX-VFC-e Type
  • Universal; estimated terminal pressure constant control; NX-VFC Unit Control 
  • Universal, constant pressure water supply; NX-LAT Type
  • Pumps with built-in water tank; R(T)-NXVFC Type, R(T)-NXLAT Type
  • System water supply, high lift vertical; SVMV Type

Booster Pumps for Direct Water Supply

  • Cabinet; MC4 Type
  • Cabinet, big bore 75A unit control; MC4-W3 Type
  • Cabinet, big bore 75A; MC3-DFC Type
  • Cabinet type; MC4-B Type
  • Floor standing; NX-DFC Type

Submersible Water Supply Pump

  • Estimated thermal pressure constant control; SSTMV Type
  • Water pressure equipment: BST Series

Fire Pumps

Teral has achieved the first unitization in the industry and blazed the trail in unitized fire pumps,earning significant praise for its high technological capabilities and reliability.

Electric Motor Driven

  • Two-pole, motor; NXF Type
  • Two-pole, multi-stage direct; MJF Type
  • Four-pole, multi-stage direct; MKF/MF Type

Fire Pumps Unit

  • Auxiliary pressure pump units; JPF Type
  • Water service for specific facilities, sprinklers with aux water tank; NXFT Type
  • Cubicles, outdoor equipment; NKP-R Type
  • Fire pump with engine, electric motor and engine driven; MKFD Type

Fans Line up

Fans have come to play an indispensable role in today's ever more complex urban environments. Our varied line-up of high safety products help to maintain comfortable environments in a number of ways.

Centrifugal Fans

  • Sirocco fans, multi-blade; CLF6-HOH, CLF6(5)-RS, CLF6(II)-OB, CLFII-RD Type
  • Mini sirocco fans, multi-blade; BE/BF Type
  • Line sirocco fans, multi-blade; LCF2/LCF2-U, BFS Type
  • Sirocco fans with sound deadening box, multi-blade; CLF6(5)-U-RS, CLFII-U-RD Type
  • Mild fan, backward inclined blade fan; CMF3-HOH, CMF3-SOB, CMF3-RS Type
  • PVC sirocco fan; CLP Type
  • FRP sirocco fans; KLF Type
  • FRP turbo fan; KTF Type

Diagonal Flow Fans

  • ALF II Type / ALF Type; Direct fan
  • ALF II E Type; Direct fan
  • ALF II P Type; Belt-driven fan
  • ALF II U Type / ALF U II Type; Fan with sound deadening box 

Axial Flow Fans

  • Steel plate, aluminium Impellers;APK5 Type
  • Steel plate; AES II Type
  • Steel plate, aluminium impellers; AF Type, EAF Type, IEAF Type
  • Steel plate; AF Type
  • Stainless steel; AFSS Type
  • PVC; AEP Type

Pressure fans/rooftop ventilation fans

  • Standard pressure fan (exhaust type, intake type); PF Type
  • Outdoor pressure fan (exhaust type, intake type; WP Type
  • Rooftop ventilators (Exhaust uncoated); RV Type
  • Rooftop ventilators (Standard exhaust intake); RV Type
  • Rooftop ventilators (Blocks foreign substance with bird net); RV Type 

Agricultural fans

  • Energy-efficient ventilation fans for livestock industry; AP-100-DC3 Type
  • Standard ventilation fan for livestock industry; AP-100 Type
  • Hanging ventilation fans for livestock industry; AP-100R Type
  • Ventilation fans with shutter for livestock industry; AP-100-R Type
  • Swing fan; APS-100 Type
  • Frost prevention fan; AFF Type