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Kitchen Garbage Disposal Systems

Raw garbage disposal systems reduce garbage into a powder using a disposer, purify it in a treatment tank and discharge it into the sewer system. Today such systems have attracted attention for their ability to eliminate the odors and hassle of treating raw garbage while helping to conserve the environment.


As raw garbage can be simply placed in the disposal system and crushed with the disposer at the push of a button, it greatly reduces the burden of garbage accumulation and collection. These systems have quickly achieved widespread adoption in places such as stylish high-rise apartment buildings and commercial applications requiring stringent hygiene control.

Solar Battery Pump System

This environmentally-friendly pump system runs on solar energy.
  • Clean energy production as light is converted into electrical energy
  • Uses renewable solar energy
  • No external power source required. Can be installed in any location
  • Environmental friendly, zero emissions of greenhouse gas (CO2)
  • Using submersible pumps result in extremely low running noise

Rooftop Greening System

Rooftop greening systems have drawn attention as a possible solution to the heat island effect of major cities. By combining bamboo charcoal with a rainwater collection and circulation system, unique designs can be created without sacrificing ease of maintenance.