About Us

About Us

Teral Malaysia was incorporated in July 2012 for the expansion of our market in SE Asia. The strategic location of this operation will bring new possibilities for our business to grow with getting closer with our customers, and also we open up new possibilities of Malaysia.


Introduction of the group brand will increase synergy effects among the group companies. On this premise, we will improve and expand our product range and technologies, while aiming to provide more refined services.

‭‭‭‭Teral Kyokuto Inc

Teral Kyokuto Inc. celebrates its 90th year in business in 2008. Many companies have joined the Teral group since the establishment of our business, including Taku Electric Corp., Kurita Electric Works Ltd., and Shinto Co., Ltd., and the number of employees has expanded to more than 1,400 in the entire group.

New Group Brand

On this 90th milestone year, the Teral group has decided to introduce a new group brand, Teral, in order to enhance the unifying force of the group and maximize our competency for the future, and work together under the shared value system.

‭‭‭‭‬‬Our Missions and Goals

While each company never ceases to polish their own expertise, collaborations among the group companies in production technologies and other areas will generate a synergy. Customer-oriented and committed to our business, we will promote unified group management for its growth. 

‭‭‭‭‬‬‬Our Determination

It is this firm determination that underlies the change of the company name from Teral Kyokuto Inc. to Teral Inc., which is scheduled to take effect on the 1st of April 2008. Along with this change, all the group companies will also include Teral in their name.

‭‭‭‭‬‬‬‬Our Future

We continue to make the best possible corporate efforts in order for the Teral brand to grow globally and further increase our earning capacity. As the Teral brand will continue to grow with power and vigour, your continued support would be greatly appreciated.

Teral Group Products Guide

Air-conditioning, water supply and drainage are some of the indispensable facilities for a comfortable environment in apartment buildings and office buildings. Technical progress toward better efficiency and energy conservation is in constant demand at all types of production sites. The Teral Group understands the characteristics of different sites and pays close attention to product development.

Above-ground Pumps

High performance and reduced size and weight have been realized through the latest fluid design.Our stainless steel lineup has been improved to respond to a wide variety of needs.

Centrifugal Pumps

  • Stainless steel, two-pole motor; SJMS Type
  • Stainless steel, four-pole direct; SJ4S Type
  • Stainless steel, two-pole multi-stage motor; NX Type
  • Stainless steel, vertical, two-pole high speed direct; SVM Type

Centrifugal Pumps (cont)

  • Stainless steel, two-pole multi-stage direct; MKHS Type
  • Stainless steel, two-pole line; SLP2 Type
  • Cast iron, two-pole motor; SJM2, SJM3 Type
  • Cast iron, two-pole/four pole direct; SJ, SJ4 Type
  • Double suction centrifugal pump; DH Type
  • Cast iron, two pole/four pole direct; LS2, LS Type
  • Cast iron, four-pole multi-stage direct; M Type
  • Cast iron, two-pole line; LP Type
  • Cast iron, four-pole line; LP Type

Self-priming Centrifugal Pumps

  • Cast iron, two-pole motor; MTP Type
  • Cast iron, four-pole direct; SP3/SP Type
  • Cast iron, four-pole multi-stage direct; MSP Type
  • Stainless steel, four-pole direct; SP Type
  • Resin, two-pole direct acting; ESPM Type